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Accident Without Emergency

The light leaves me terrified
I hate when the darkness dies
Don't you ever want to be brave?
It seems that we feel the same way
I would never leave you crawling
even on the bathroom floor
It can be a lonely place,
have you ever been there before?
No need to run away, no need to run away
Once you feel love, you'll taste the pain
Sent from above, you can't complain
Can I raise my head this morning?
my mind's needing cauterised
I'm in the shallow end drowning, it's a soup of flies
Or am i on a wall? or am i on a wall?

Girl I should have told you but I've never been brave
Standing side by side, we'll take this whole place
If this is an accident then where's the hurt?
At least someone here should be covered in blood
Tell me how to recognise you
now that you're compromised
My skin's covered in holes,
can you please take a look inside?
No need to hesitate, no need to hesitate
I'll take a good look at myself
It's you I want and no-one else
Don't you ever want to take sides?
I guess that's family suicide
If this is a concert then where's the crowd?
Let's sing it out and sing it proud

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