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I dream in the deep sea
embraced by the voice that never ceases
My floating thoughts that resemble bubbles
reflect you, they're scattered into pieces

Among the time, that reflects you, you come to my mind
I dream alone embraced by the deep blue sea

Surely... This love won't come back, I know about it
My heart is frozen now
If I'll try to say something, it'll be interrupted
It's a dawn, I wait for you... I put my wish into it

I want to embrace you, I want to touch you
but are you crying in a place that I can't reach?

So tomorrow for you
I'll stretch out my hand... I'll show you the light named "hope"

The flowing tears are erased by the wind
It'll carry off even the sadness...

To this splendid world... To the very you...
so the happiness can peacefully fall there
I'll pray, I'll flap my wings and fly over the sea
I always only dream embraced by the deep blue sea

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