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Crossed Arrows

The waves swallow up
Darkly sinking like a small boat

“Will light once again shine through from beyond the tears?”

A Sorrowful cry that doesn't reach…
Colors that can't overlap, a nightmare of innumerable mistakes

Transcending history
Sorrowful times forgotten completely

“Will foolish blood flow countless times?”

Before long it will come, In the end…
A single petal of a wish…my feelings for you in the whirling flowers

Bright and clear…
The dream of all dreams…
Why do humans war? To save the things they love?
When will it all end? Once more…
Why do humans war? To save the things you crave?
When will it all end? Blood will flow…

Promised land going up in flames…
Life flowing away and the thousands of oaths that dyed your sky,
Fleeting love…drains away
Fleeting love…love that vanished in the wind

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