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Go Dumb

Da Schenkeler
No Mo' Wiggin
Best in da midwest
Yo! C'mon! Hur we go
Yo got a dick, well mine is bigga
I got no fatha figua
Kids dat used to call me wigga
Now dey call me nigga
Go figua
Out your problems
Cuz I sure got some
But you got more den me
Cuz I always know where da Lord be
I is who I is and I be who I be
Don't try to front on me
Hit me wit a fine I aint payin no fee
Cuz im da best in da Midwest ya heard

Now Nelly be hot
And Kanye on top
Chingy rock da rocks

And Murphy Lee be comin up strong
But im still da best in da Midwest

Im da second best rappa eva ta live
I gotta give it up to my main man BIG
Im takin my time to perfect da beat
But I still got love for da street
Yea right straight outta Carmel, USA
All thanks to my crew an me
Every lawn is now mowed perfectly
Every rich man got himself a few girlyas
1 wife plus two girlfriends equals a trey
We got a few straight men day seem like dey gay
Hey what can I say
Cant find no one better dan me
Cuz im da best in da Midwest ya heard

Dey say its darkest before da dawn
And you ill be fightin on
No longa feel like im just a pawn
When I be gone youll be miisin me
Wishin for me
Wishin you had been kissin me
Girl if youd just listened to me
Yea im talkin bout you Christin
You know youre da one dat I be missin
Da new generation I be usherin in
To me dey be listenin
Cuz im da best in da Midwest ya heard

yo you no you cant stop me
you sure cant top me
dese girls wanna rock me
but I just wanna be talkin

best in da Midwest
yea im da best in da Midwest

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