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Pass Da Mic

[VERSE 1: Qur'an]
I strike back with the mic -and track-
When it comes to drums it's like I hyper-react
My mind starts to generate words that penetrate
Then I eliminate suckers who imitate

Once again I reveal the skill
Money's growin' like grass with the mass appeal
It doesn't matter hardcore or commercial
I'm universal, this sets rehearsal

The name's Qur'an, they say I be the brighter man
I'm climbin charts like Spiderman
A legend in my own time on the microphone I'm

One of the world's most electrifyin hulks
I dust MC's off like an antique
So sit back and let this young man speak

Sorry suckers, take a hike
But for now I'ma pass the mic

pass the mic yo pass the mic...

[VERSE 2: Tarik].
I come to wiggity wiggity rip the rhyme
Again again again I go for what I know
More ready then I ever been,
My rhymes luck against you all because
It gets wicked never coming off soft,
So we could kick it I'm slicker quicker with
The vocals, my pocket stay thicker than bifocals
So here's a telescope if you can't tell its dope
You put your hand in the spot naw I mean
To tell you nope

Coming with more hits than Lorence Socks,
No more those bored wacks or dreadlocks,
So take notes to every move I'm making cause
Rick Gz a definitely get your booty shaking
Ripping them up throwing them down,
Groomed as a pound with a hardcore sound
right about now I'm doin just what I like
My time's up, so I'ma pass the mic

pass the mic yo pass the mic...

[VERSE 3: Taji]
I'm known to wiggity rip, rip the rhyme
Like jack the ripper
Slick So I get slighty slicker I got more juice than
Citrus so suckas can't get with this
I ring more bells than a jehovahs witness somebody
said I went out like a grape
I wouldn't hurt you physically, I hurt you
I hurt you on tape, sit back, realax and just chill
Cause I'm about to give you the definition of the,
Real deal

My name's Taji time to release my ground, for
Everyone standing time to get on down, then you wonder
How the heck I'm on stage, ripping up the scene just like the
12 gauge
Then let me flip, then rip, and turn the page plus I get kissed very dope for my age
Right now I'm about to take flight
So I'm gonna pass the mic

pass the mic yo pass the mic...

[VERSE 4: Mentally Gifted]
Here's a quick flashback by me on the last track
Get a whiff of this, you won't want none of your cash back
Continuous flavor, I always seem to set you straight
You heard so many wack songs, I couldn't let you wait

Another minute, better yet another second
Cause once I give 'em 1-2 check you know the brother's wreckin
So put me in the books, one of the best who did it
I'm the top soloist, all the rest should quit it

Ain't nothin to it, I'ma do it like I'm hittin skins
And at the same time you can believe I'm gettin ends
I catch fits cause it gets irritative when
Suckers act like they got a creative pen

But they don't, so they need to just settle down
Because it's time to put my foot on the pedal now
Some suckers thought I really couldn't do it right
But for now I'm gonna pass the mic

pass the mic yo pass the mic...

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