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Hooray For Hollywood

Horray, hooray...
Well it's the land of the "Rolls" and the "Jaguar"
The only town I know where a "Caddy" is a poor man's car
The girls have got those seven inch Kama Sutra finger nails
The way they walk around you know a man could use for spinning reels
It's like that old song says "Hooray for Hollywood"

I came out here about a month ago for my very first visit
I knew I'd come back for more
I went back to Minneapolis bein' checked out by my friends
They wanted to know if I was still that same

Sweet, shy, modest, guiet kid I'd always been
I said it's like the old song says "Hooray for Hollywood"

Now all you need is talent, good looks and nerve
With a little luck you get just what you deserve
My manager will tell you I'm a genius
I'm as pretty as I can be
So get the cement ready down at Grauman's Chinese
And it's like that old song says "Hooray for Hollywood"

I want a mansion with a palm tree out in my front yard
My name spelled right for once on Sunset Boulevard
I want an antique Bentley and a row of debutantes
You knwo you can have anything you can ask for
If you got something they want
It's like that old song says "Hooray for Hollywood"
Hooray hooray...

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