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Endangered Species

I reach out but no one's there
You name it I hate it why should I care
Your mouth is moving but I don't hear you
You're the face of death and I don't fear you
I'M IMPOSSIBLEDYSFUNCTIONALNEVER COMFORTABLEDYSFUNCTIONALWhy is life so complicated? No point getting aggravated
Doors keep slamming in my face
Who made this planet anyways? Never really asked to be here
All I think about is how to leave here
I'm your worst nightmare I'm your ghost
I don't let no one get too close
You're so sincere that I don't trust you

I'm a teenage crime wave waiting to bust you
What's good for me yeah I've heard it before
It's the best advice I've ever ignored
A mind is a terrible thing to rot
I wanna be everything you're not

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