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Diplo Rhythm

yo - big dada... tell them for me now!
full time when i get in my whims
mash up the place and me run things
not cause of love
cause of little bling blings
dubs, ???????? and diamond rings
quick time i look up on tour
limousine, yeah, don't know the score?
me like them jeans, me might buy more
him tune gonna sell out the store

have you heard the newsflash?
this here gonna ???????? some cash
gonna make it last
you better know that

have you heard the newsflash?
this here gonna ???????? some cash

gonna make it last

bust ??????? pure ????????
big shout to new york and brooklyn
this ??????? the clique ???????
zing-ding ding-a-ding ding ding
who are you and know for the ????
zing-ding ding-a-ding ding ding
take my time singing
zing-ding ding-a-ding ding ding
yo yo yo yo yo

(more chorus etc etc)

what's my name y'all

(etc etc)

"up 2 di time" - you know it's vybz kartel
some say singer, blinger ... who's that girl over there?
i think i need her ... over there

come here please
what is your name
you look like
a denise, no?
step in mercedes
drop top! you like breeze?
is your boyfriend weak in the knees?
kartel will satify your needs
you want cars or SUVs?
rings with so much ice it makes you sneeze
come cherry bee-yotch
smoke some peepee
(that's trees)
speak to the man kartel
i'll say your name
just turn on the tricks
them sunbeams
fully kitted out with rims
that's easy like means and ?????????
you're beautiful like songs that sing that they sings
me and you can do lots of things

she'll never know
it's a trick
or this smile i show
it's a trick
i never ????? my ?????
it's a trick
that's how misled
it's a goddamn trick
she'll never know
it's a trick
judas man for sure
it's a trick
that's how misled
it's a trick!


can i say that
i hope and pray one day that
me and you cruise in the maybach
(your sedan)
vanna white and pat sajak?
me, your love, i'll never betray that
or hell's fire will be my payback
seventy years from now, i want say
ma, me and you go way back
let's exchange contacts
we don't have to sign
prenuptial contracts
my love is contagious like anthrax
give me one back
??????? dirty facts
seems without you
just can't relax
three things in my life is certain
death, you and income tax

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