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Born in flames of exploded worlds
From star radiation, vibration of spheres
Far away in distant space arm
From the depth of splited fears
Tears of planets fall on your breast
Tears of hopes are bitter for your virgin
Lips. Your tears are sparkling with fantasy
Echo of buffalo hoofs
Resounds shaking the universe
The vessel of world
Is going to explode
Thousands stars gonna burst
Millions peaches are getting in
War! The buffalo hoofs
Rush along to your rainbow bridge
Time to get
Your fortune to your hands

You are the One
Your tears are so hot
Born in flames
You're full of energy
Burn the bloods!
Color the eyes!

And don't be afraid
Support from the spheres
You're the One
Destroy the fears
Prescription of yours

Saw seeds in the starfields
Grow the army of guards
Walk far over the rainbow
Color the sky in blue and white
You are the son
Of Arcturus shine
Wearing it's drop
On your breast
Soar like a child
You are glad when it's winding
Wearing a star
On the left of your breast

You walk long the rainbow
You soar like a child
You're glad when it's raining
You laugh as a wild
Your hairs fly in tender
In light starry wind
But you're not suspecting
You're messenger, myth!

You walk long the star ways
Make fun at the space
Your hair is burning
Your eyes turn to ashes
You're glad when it's winding
You soar like child
You're child of

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