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Kiss The World

5: 07)

last night it was a motel 6
tonight it's a hyatt on the 76th floor
we're all coming from a tiny town
but I got a plan, I thought we'd make a rock n' roll band
see the planet, take a bite of the land

oo baby it's okay
there's a rumor going round this town
oo baby it's all right
i'm gonna sleep by myself tonight
kiss the world good night

we just hit mile three thousand thirty three
we're heading west on interstate 80, 'cause
somebody said this planet is round

nevada is green and it's the middle of june
i don't know their names but they were singing our tunes
brussel sprouts is the only cat putting me down

oo baby it's okay?

idols crumble at my feet
i'm strong because their lies are weak
the musak in the mall is giving me the creeps
the hotel's full of tv's
thick with sick macho social disease
the holy ghosts of hosts is just so fake
and i swear, if i ever make it there
i'm gonna love out loud till my heart breaks
till my heart breaks

i'm gonna kiss the world good night

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