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Moment Of Glory

4: 02)

nobody's gonna tell me what to feel...

me and lisa bought a motorcycle
strapped my guitar next to her knapsack
she's my lover, she used to be my rival
and i don't want my money back

what i know is i don't know
when i'm sure it's only half the story
what a want is a house on a hill
but i'll settle for a moment of glory

me and lisa going down to the ocean
where the hot sand burns our barefoot skin
she's puttin' on sunscreen 'cause the hole in the ozone's

the same exact size as the american sin

what i know is i don't know...

one man's church is another man's jail
one man's feet go where another man's fall
tonight i'll throw my hands across steel
nobody's gonna tell me what i feel

we're on a long ride under the big sky
lisa's hair is blowing through her baseball cap
i'm holding on tight, gonna ride all night
by dawn i'll be asleep inside her cadillac

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