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Hell Is For Heroes

You say that I'm no good, that I got no goals in my life.
No plans to break free, just trying to stay alive.
All roads are closed to a better life for me.
But why can't you realise that taht's the way it's gotta be.

And I say: Hell, Hell is for heroes, oh hell, hell for heroes,
oh hell, hell for heroes, oh hell, hell for heroes. hell, I needs hell for heroes
I've been playing with fire all my life but I never get burned.
For a long time you've been telling me the tables will turn.
This is me, this is what I am, the life I lead every day.

So don't even bother, stop trying, it's too late to change my ways.

You say that I'll go down to hell, I have to be aware.
But haven't you noticed only heroes go there.
After all the things I've done an all the things I've said.
I really do feel that hell aint't so bad.

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