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The Last Of The Hippies

Sleeping in the parks,
playing songs on your guitar
Eating lots of flowers, protesting against war
Having sex all day and drinking cheap wine
Yeah, I bet you guys had a hell of a time

The last of the Hippies is finally dead
He was found in a ditch
with tiretracks in his neck
The last of the Hippies is finally dead
He was found in a tree,
a rope around his neck

Well, if you think you can still do that today
I wish you the best of luck
and suggest you start to pray
Cause maybe in the sixties

you ruled the streets
Nowadays, Hippies are something
we don't need!

... That we don't need!
... And get those stupid sandals off your feet!


... Oh yeah, and by the way - I shot Lennon!

Today's world has nuthin' more to offer for you
Why don't you find yourself
a nice little cage in the zoo
Because behind bars is where you belong
And when you finally die,
we'll sing you this song

You should be preserved and be put in a jar
Skin your face and sell it and sell it as rare art
And just to show you that we're human,
We won't let you die in pain
We'll just feed you to the needs of Mr. Ed Gain

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