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I took a long hard look at your face today
But it wasn't really yours at all
Yea, I've seen it before
It's the same old swarm
You all wear it the same

You're just a preset
And you don't even know it
So keep spinning along
And when you want it
You let everyone know it
It's not really like you have a choice

You're just upbeat, confident, confident, confident
Upbeat, confident, yea!

They say don't judge a book by its cover
Because there's always something new to discover

Well that's bullshit, it's all upfront
I can tell by the way I'm being ignored
And I think it's funny how I'm being myself
And you're telling me that I'm somebody else
When I don't want it as bad as your wave
So stop telling me that you can all relate

And all the stereotypes that I hear are true
And I just can't wait to apply them all to you
And don't listen, don't think this through
But just know that I'll predict your every move!

So stay upbeat, confident, confident, confident
Upbeat, confident, yea!

Shallow passion
Always wins
And shallow fashion
Always leads

And if you
Don't believe me
Then turn this off
'Cause I wrote
All this shit
Just to prove you wrong

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