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Cocktail Time In Hell

it's cocktail time, in the bowels of hell it's kinda hot an' it's really full but don't worry, pal, 'cause i've saved your stool it's happy hour, at the pub in hell am i alive, or am i dead the 2 for 1 special is what she said come on down, everybody's here atilla the hun is drinkin' all the beer castro's busy sellin' cigars we got elive presley behind the bar your bredits good, have another swill a jim jones kool-aid or a george bushmills a shor fro oswald, was that one or two john wayne's spikin' ho chi minh's brew

one more evel knievel sling two more phil collins three more molotov cocktail another round bonham and baileys one more stallone on the rocks two more lizzy fizz three more tricky dicky screwdriver another round three mile island ice tea kadafy and somoza out smokin' dope j.f.k. savin' a chair for the pope john lennon just got a highball has anyone buried paul? churchill and stalin got their lager and lime mussolini and hitler want their drinks on time belushi getting tanked, what a slice he just asked trotsky to get some ice

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