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And So Came The Storm


(Introduction text in the CD Inlay)

"Across The Mountains...
Across the seas...
Across the skies and space...
Across time...

There was a land, the Gods named Osyrhia.
Out of this land, they built 7 continents.
On each of the continents, they placed a king
and to each king, they gave a stone...

In its youth, this land was of incredible beauty.
The wealth of the land and the wisdom of its inhabitants filled the Gods with contentment.
So many wonders at reach could only call for envy.

So came an evil being, whose heart was blinded by jealousy and selfishness.
He was the first to challenge the gentle Gods.
But he was not alone... Eager for power, many followed him and soon tried by force to take over the wonders of Osyrhia.

In time, this dark being was known by all as Cenos, "he who gathers" in the old language, and the bards still call him the "Traveller", as he would cross whole continents to bring death and desolation.
As a wave of chaos swept over Osyrhia, the Gods held a council and together joined their forces to banish evil and bring back peace to their people.
The very souls of Cenos and his followers were locked up for a thousand years.

In their wisdom, the Gods gave the 7 continental stonespower, so their people could protect the land and keep the evil souls locked in their graves.
Nothing could defeat the power of unity granted by the guardian stones, and if Cenos was to be freed and he could gather the sacred stones, these would unify all of Osyrhia's inhabitants in his evil cause, and Armageddon would be near.
It was then predicted, that in time, a young human would receive the power from the stones and guide all the people in their fight against darkness.
So ended the days of Wealth.

A thousand year has gone by, and evil slowly awakes.
In his uneasy sleep, a young human relives a strange dream..."

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