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Daze Of The Weak

Lightning strikes turning ashes to embers
Starting the fire ignites the fuel I bring
Burning ambition will give me protection
Reach for the ring and you will be the King
The King!

This iron will is my constant companion
Battle is over my strength inside is strong
Whispered memories of a failure abandoned
All that I am screams that this all wrong

Lord hear my plea, when will it be
Time for me to see You clearly?
Walk in a daze

And weak with pain
Carry me back to life again

A lifetime of cheap whine will not improve your station

The tempest to be best will prove the others fake
One man accuses another defends me
A delicate balance of hope and heartache

What is the ally that gives you the green light?
What is the secret to take you to the peak?
Where is your shaman to give you the magic?
And when will you realize He's all you seek?

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