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In Me

In Me
Came to visit me in my grave
Seeing red with the dead
Same as it always has been
Took me down like a tidal wave
Only for once I felt complete
Riding the wave with life by my side

So precious, so rare
A goddess to this world of mine
So overwhelmingly free
Keep you in me forever

Only a few words
remind me of my own mortality
Paralysed by pain
I didn't see it coming
I'm stuck in a moment
That kills me day by day

Maybe I should dig up
My old friend suicide

I'm about to drown
In your tidal wave
Please one day pick me up
My old friend pulls me down

I'd love the day when we control the waves
I'd love the day with control of the waves

Let us control the wave
I'd love the day
With control of the wave
Id love the day

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