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My Philosophy

My Philosophy
A bright light of memories
Darkens this path of buried dreams
The joy of addiction becomes a junkie
Held down with no love for life
What could have been forever
Is taken away and put to sleep

My dark philosophy
Keeps me on my knees
I've got ten ton depression
Running inside me
My dark philosophy
Kills when I feel free
Mr. Ten Ton Depression
Please leave me be

My misery loves company
Bury me with sympathy
My company loves misery
Remember me with sympathy
Misery shines down on me

My pain becomes my philosophy

Please forgive me - I am now gone
I love you all - you're beautiful
Don't blame yourself - for it is I who's to blame
I've dealt with this for so long
And my bliss is all gone
I'm sorry I've been taken home
I failed
There must be a better place
Than this grief I couldn't bear
I love you all - Your friend, son and demon says goodbye

Solo: Nico
Solo: Danni

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