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Blue Collar Boys

Well I'm po boy proud
I like to get loud
I run with a redneck rough and rowdy crowd
you got your friends, i got mine.
Yeah and I get by by workin in the sun
pickin guitar grocery shoppin with a gun
You's a scrub if you ain't drug a buck up in a four wheel drive...
We don't need no caviar and high dollar wine
We got cornbread, sweet tea, and briar patch moon shine
We all know how to have a damn good time...

We gonna turn it on, crank it up
pass round the crown in a dixie cup
get back in the pines and lose our mine

turn it loose, get it right
we're all about a down south saturday night
we're workin hard at makin noise... blue collar boys.

best get out my way first step i'm on shore
cuz ima ride around im gonna ride some more
and i'll be pumpin bocephus out the speakers in my four by four
call up my country queen, my dixieland delight
with cutoffs on her caboose, a cheetah fi tight(?)
nicknamed a quarte mile cuz she's out of sight.

chorus again

Yankee slicker from up in new york
down on music row tryin to tell me how to be a coutry boy.
Excuse me sir but have you lost your mind.
Take your shiny shoes and your suit and tie
and tote your ass back north of the mason dixon line
and dont forget your pen cuz i aint gonna sign

chorus last time

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