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Another truck stop, another can of winter green
Gispy woman dreaming on the passanger side
And my ol band is passed out in van
with four hundered and
Fifty more miles to drive tonight

Another passing car another country star
Come across the midnight radio

Don't sound like hank that's prolly why is aint frank
And the reason I'm still a shoufer to my own show

And I'm running with devil

With my foot down on the pedal

Just trying to stay off the line

And I need the good lord and a whiskey

Momma to call just to say she missed me

To make this a little easier, long hard ride tonight
Verse 2
Another piece of southern poetry
Decides to cross my mind
And it will keep me occupide, keep my eyes open wide
And I'll have another song before I reach the tennesee line


This old road I'm on

It's dark it's cold and it's long

But I gotta keep driving on
Cause lord know I don't want to die

I don't want to die all alone

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