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i've become the nuclear image of eternity i'm the original stuff. all the
universes find their pattern in my being. for i'm the cosmic infinitesmal.
i'm the source. i'm the fountain. exploding in your face. (with a flick of
my wrist a new cosmos begins.) how glorious to be alive. be here with me now
in timeless micro-infinity.

reality now an oceanic flow of particles in everchanging patterns. panta
rei. undulating within the ultimate core of self. which is no-self. inside
this boundless thought wave. all is one and one is god. (truth is one. sui


everything is coming in waves and from all sides. nuclear. molecular and
cellular layers. modular wave-hierarchies. epi-phenomenon of the
ground-of-being of all other grounds-of-being. in a fractual involution. the
reversal of evolution. becoming is absolute. time is dying a slow death. the
eschaton is near. i'm into an ideational singularity: propelling towards the
neuro-galatic center, the transcendental nexus of self and world. a cosmic
junction where on a physical level: matter and anti-matter merge into each
other. into emptiness and on a psychic level god and self are inextricably

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