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After My Shocks

In a little house
By the glowing dump
Called Oak Track
Driving down by the new beach
Is the only cure

I hang my hostages
It was pretty great

After my shocks
I feel very relaxed
After my shocks
I guess now I can get a job

They made big peace
After much trouble on the holidays
Bringing up the kid
Went so fast, strip some hair away

They were very young to deliver one
In another state


Sure it's Japanese
Walk the plank

On your knees

From my little house
I send you my best wish
Better you're out there somewhere
Than in here with me

I lost some memories
That's O.K.
Ignore all evidence
Roaming like strays
Dress like the king of my front room
In my slippers and shades


After my shocks
After my shocks

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