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Fun Ride

Get the boss on the telephone
Man I'm not staying around here
On this first day of spring
I saw a carnival truck

Get some clothes on for a change
Cause we're leaving in two minutes
Help me push-start the car
There's a ride, I know you're gonna love it

Like a walk down a windy street
Like the day you get your check
I know just what you need
We can go get your little brother

It's a fun ride (6x)
But I won't guarantee you
That I won't go back again

Get inside, grab that bat
Watch your hat so it doesn't get blown away
I might stand it myself
Better let me sit next to the door baby okay

Sometimes I'm sitting in the dark
Watching you sleep, listening to the freeway
Look down and tell me you're afraid
I know that you are
I know that you'll never say

Pull the plug on that thing
It won't lift you fifty feet
Let the dog out in the yard
Hurry up and go to the bathroom

They better know I'm not coming in
Better things to do than fix brakes
The sun is out but I might bring my coat
I'm gonna win you a stuffed rabbit

Like a ride in a fast car
Like a windy summer night
I know the best thing
And it's better than any other


Here we go, it's a fun ride
If it gets too much you just let me know
Can't you see your back yard tree
Don't you see what I've been waiting for

Sometimes you're a little girl kicking your legs out
Sometimes you've got ten years on me
I don't have a whole lot for you
I guess I'm not much to your family

Best thing's when you turn around
Look back at the ground
I don't think you ought to try that
I can see the water tower
Rising like the moon over the first national bank

Sometimes you break my heart
I just wanna hold your hand but you run away
Look down and tell me you're afraid
Cause I know that you are
Like I know that you'll never say

It's a fun ride (6x)

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