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She was my baby, my baby, my baby and now she don't want me back
Her heart is so fine you know them bitches don't mean nothing don't walk away just like that
I can't help my self baby I apologize I really need to take a look n my eyes
I can't stop thinking about you even if I try
Promise things a get better just call me when you hear this song
Took a cab to queens one night to see St. Johns Play But before I seen her one lay I'm thinkin about four play Had my eyes on this chick about 5'2 a mean sideview standing by the baseline waist line like Damn! I fucking hope she ain't got a man

Told her my name she looked away and was like And!
Damn, just wanna take you to Pan Pan
Talk over salmon cakes grits and soda cans
She agreed as we proceed
My baby everywhere I go look she under my sleeve
What the fuck has goting into me
Can't just be one girl, change back once wen I took her virginity
When she cryed I felt pity
Can't tell my boys kinda love her feel silly
Felt funny when my man wus starin at her tittys
It's always love wen you wake up and you think she still pretty
When it comes to the g
I ain't the best at it
Dipset name buzzin
Baggin hoes so efalis
One day I'm a turn into the exorcist
What it was she learned how to forward all my 2-way messages
I messed up here come the complainin
Talkin to her self
Saying she a fool for staying
Ain't tryna hear a word I'm saying
Now we eye to eye bout to fight
Like we in the vegas at the ring
Always said she hope that she find the right man
I took a shower came back lead her on a night stand
Said I'm ready to commit
Can't no girl love u more
And what fucked me up
She said I'm outside by the door
But don't open up the door
If you can't give me ya all
Which means one day
Married downtown city hall
If not I'm leaving I mean it
Don't even call
Opened so fast the knob
Put a hole in the wall
In the county jail feeling silly
You was the 1st one to call and come get me
Jumped on the bus just to rush next to me
When he said three years it's like you did it next to me
How could I ever repay you?
And what I do, come home and be unfaithful
But baby I ain't perfect
That's word to my mother, god as my witness never meant to hurt you on purpose
In heavy regret it kills me when I call
You don't pick up, days later you just send me a text
How could you push me away as hard as I try
Tell ya moms I don't take care of you that's a lie
Don't make me break a promise
Got so fucking mad when I seen you with tha nigga down at Benny Hanas
It's like I got nothing left
Me with out my baby steph
This is my apology
I hope that you accept

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