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All We Know

Keep my gangsta pimpin' on and on
She ain't worried about it
Long as this paper stackin' on
I ain't worried bout it
Let these hoes be hoes is all we know
We ain't worried about it
Get this cash that's all we know
Get this cash that's all we know

From the ghost to the rafe, chase hoes never
China silk boxed up, young Willy Pepper
I'm the one point strong like a cavalier
Crack it down hoodie baby, let the cracker stare
Brainwashed in dirty water
Earl Manigault, watchin dollars turn to quarters

Mother Catherine watch the baby to a thriller
With animals in the jungle came out with chinchillas
Gold lion head scramble like a maniac
Man provide Jodie Mac, Julie and the 80 mac
Scramble for the gwala, vacation was Bahala
Never throw 100 change, turn my V neck to a collar

If pimpin' was a role you wouldn't play the part
These niggas can't assassinate my player card
Daddy built her up but I took her apart
That Caddy picked her up then I showed her the stars
Money keep the world spinnin' like a Ferris Wheel
Horses got my lawn lookin' like a carrousel
Ask me bout a bitch and I kept?
Known for breakin' hoes like they fine China
Push rocks, sorta heavy metal, Def Leppard
Wakin' up, getting to that money was my best effort
Might as well buy it out, cost more to lease
New Miami Cuban bought a quarter piece
Wheels turnin, fleeced up, Ben Sherman
Blowin endo while this lady get me lip service
Teach you bout this life and if you stay involved
Win yourself a trip to the players' ball

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