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Holiday Not Vacation

I don't care a lot about stuff and things,
really preservation isn't easy,
just sit by another slides
right past unnoticed yeah
There were no dudes nothing was rad
No one thought I was whack and totally meant
the sum total of everything you added up
There was no crack there were no ludes
"something was like" doesn't make sense
Only knew that bloody bling bling was the sound
The bell made ending school
Don't need to tell you what to do
Can leave it down to you
Make your decisions free
Of this insidious tyranny

It's not just word of mouth
We're living in the south
Its subtle but its real
Just leave the subway a station
You're on holiday, not vacation
Out of the hot tub and into the spa bath
Get off the sidewalk and on the fucken foot path
I don't know why Americanized culture
Shit me a lot
Coz I've been there and it wasn't so bad
People are nice, Cities don't change
Can't see the forest for the free trade bullshit
Don't worry though, coz the boss is around
Making sure as hell
That we all get fucked equally
Don't wanna see a phrase disappear forever gone
It wont be long
Like I'm so hungry I could eat
The bum out of a low flying duck
Can you fit a shot of scotch
Into this glass of Xmas cheer
And when the answer is yes, tell him
Fill it up with beer
Don't need to tell you what to do
Leave it down to you
Make your decisions free
Get out of my butt and into my arse

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