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Russian Dolls

Days in down…saw wit white colours, days in down…somebody special
I'm working love talk to feeling,
took by the end sweet the caught to we live
ride into see the fall and fraction any working love ride an action
story by mess and call to die, felt in your eyes and call in the sky
the cold in grille, the rock remember
sticking by the love and role's december
where the waiting white colours
fight feeling we grow…come to with us
...what a kill, what a kill…what a kill
I'm hurry and old rock to feel as sticky by the end as off to weed day

russian dolls…we not..this before
not to will back to will, stay to listen the rock remember, heavy on the corner see the rock to humble ice on the q, regular the q
and shot and shot and shot, never heard
taking on the fall on the rock remember, taking on the fall in the sky
taking on a dance so with white colours
sitting on a update back in bandy, love in you rock you baby
all we are right standing stumbling
take me down in witch white colours..dirty blue and back to be out
living on the cure with right reflections.
living on the cure ridin' action,
turning by the ending, we are all this sky,
living on the cube by my side

Go into heat white colours, sending time by this feelings
the shiny coat walk wheeled, sticking with the shot kisses
regard on the form by myself (turning hearing on the style)
heat me and found back to feeling, stick on the phone back to we live
and the time is too..in the rock reflections
soberness in the out in action…russian dolls…russian dolls
never before…..time..time..time

Taking her on a wit white colours
but the time be cruel, back to missiles, shaking down up to we live
final band in the back to we leads,
taking on with the dance, taking on we are out,
taking on we are in house
russian dolls..where are before? russian dolls..russian dolls.

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