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When Your Head Drop

When your head drop slowly…your heart rest
biting fast inside your dreams, Let your mind...flowing
now you're breathing inside of you
and nothing is real but it's true
there's another hidden world that lives inside your warm bed
where the solitude is your best friend

You can movin fast and go out now from underpass
you can feel the taste of simple truths what we know
from always there you stop waiting for us
don't wake up now...still waits a little more

When your head drop slowly…you're heart rest

biting fast inside your needs, let your mind… fly
now your breathing is out of you
but all is real into
let you live in this world so big so small

Is your refugees made of tears and laughing free
is your universe of cotton's stars...is that's all I need
is really as you were before being
before your agreed slavery before loving and not to be loved

Sat at the end of your bed watch the beginning of this day
he's not to much late to live still more
get hold your feet and take them ahead
and cross this real life to be able again to be your dream.

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