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Lear In Love

I am the Bad idea,
I am the Bad persuasion,
Dilettantes in the kitchen as everything implodes,
Reparations in the mind are a warning to run away,
Grab a hatchet, a flashlight, and run, run away.
I am the Bad idea,
I am the Gold torpedo,
Dilettantes in the dark make an entrance in the dark.
And she picked this night, but it doesn't mean she had a choice,
Oh the bear hunter's wife fears the claws that will rake through her home,
And if everyone shall judge she shall weep as a partitioned stone:
She's all right!
We own the enemies of your life, we own it all, we own it all,

We own the sun at our command, we own the sun, we own the sun
We are the enemies of our light, and we command them to fall upon their swords
And leave a blasting impression, and the archways of power are broken,
And: "Who said the gate was shut, the gate was only made for you," and:
I kissed a girl, she was the only one who seemed to own a shard of light,
She's all right, and it's all right

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