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Global Reaction

We want the land, the sea, the sky,
Our buildings to reign over the people
Down below is nothing but synchronised corporate sluts
And just enough information to divulge
All the weak, un-hindered souls
We still believe!
We've seen everything we wanted to here
We've breathed the dust for long enough to realise
The handcuffs weren't the guys we were hiding from
Just another way to segregate us
Another way to serve up fear
Keep the clock turning in our human machine
We all live here
And now we turn our heads to everything that may be of interest

Expand our technology to help us with our lives
Now we're working forward towards what we previously didn't realise
All our pollution has had a global reaction
We want the moon
The Tv has a patronising way
We try not to be worthy
Follow us this way!
So clean, the sulphur and bombs in our air
It heats the stars for long enough, a tribute to just what the humans have done
Mutation from all the embers
We'll never get away from here
Say goodbye to all the people we see
They dissappear
All our pollution has had a global reaction
(Mutation from all the embers)
(The guise we were hiding from)

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