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If Could Have Been Me

She looks at his coffin a bit more serious this time
They'd talked of it so often in hospitals
Wondered when it would happen
Now there's something to consider
Never seen anything like this before
Now his broken lips tremble, shiver, fade out to a quiver
He took life at face value
Another broken story of a life that barely began
Passed, now un-human, seen for the last time,
Ran out of heartbeats, crossed the line,
Stopped his life, whatever you want it to be.
Remember when he'd say
I'm happy to die cus it's just not for me

Don't need you to feel
Sorry, walk away now you know i'm afraid
Only way to go, so high, close his eyes, fall asleep
So silly now to think he's gone there's no maybes
Pushing up daisies
He took life at face value
Wonder if he's happy?
Hope he's not alone
He never did like to wonder very far from home

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