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Bethlehem is my kind of town
No matter what is born there
Most men find their knees on the ground
Most men find their knees on the ground

And Bethany's a pilgrim
She's there by daylight
I thought she was one of the children
But now she's the mother of dreams I can't wake from
Now she's the mother of night

The night lulls in
On Biblical Lands
And it stands for all I'm missing
And it steals my mind with a half-smile
And it deals the North out in black piles
And it reels me hard 'round the past while

I think maybe I could belong there, too

In Bethlehem, it's my kind of town
With rooftops where the tar is warm
Where I'm so lonesome I could drown
And no one would kneel themselves down
To fish me
Save maybe Bethany

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