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Foggy Lilac Windows

The holes of highway bones are filled
But the tolls of highway loans are billed
To the board of directors of boredom, here

So I slept outside the worried exit
And hurried to avoid the decrepit
Hordes of fallen Lords, I can't afford'em, dear

But overwhelmed is a laughing word
To say you've taken for granted stillness
On an ever-moving planet

Was the glacier's falling heard
Was the crumbling porch's utter realness
Made of ash or made of granite?

Oh, I'm so longing for my mama's kiss

And scratching my old lifetime's back
That simpleminded tenderness
Is a pity that my searches lack

The graveyard breathes reality
But reality's blurred outside my gate
No matter if I hesitate
The foggy lilac windows come
And dumb my number one ambition
And it's too much repetition

The south was knee-deep in the weeds
And I was in a plank-wood parlor
Every flame from every mouth was only worth a dime

Feeling easier to move than shifting reeds
I was wearing my times on my collar
But my colors don't get bright in season's time

Your biggest grid did shrink and sink
In one night's walk of blindness
To foreign sites where bright lights find you out

When evolution is extinct
And lurking is a fossil's kindness
And there's no one left under our sun to sign you out

And the piano strings are damp and deep
And the honky-tonk is breaking free
And the second-grader that you keep
Beneath your skin is next to me

Ah, who likes, who plays these games
And who is clutching to the reins
'Cause I scurried open plains
And the foggy lilac windows come
And dumb my number one ambition
And it's too much competition

And that bleached canal was rare
And Ma was there
And no one dared to care (about tomorrow)
The road is bare
I go nowhere
And all the joy that I'm aware (is food for sorrow)
The loft upstairs is unprepared
The billboard fields are stoned in pairs
The gravel layers and river dares
And the air is very weary

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