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I Met Rebecca

I met Rebecca in the summer I forgot my tally
In the back, behind the bowling alley
Where my street

She opened all the blinds up in my room
She pried open my mouth
And out spilled my gloom
Just as it sometimes
Tends to

We walked up to the point
On Sylvan Lake
It got to the point
That our skin burned and baked
So we dove in

When I met her father
Our clothes were still wet
When I met her sister
Those secrets were not told yet
I wish they'd never been

By 9 p.m., all of them

Carport lights are on
They buzz on through
What does ensue
Till they blend into the dawn

I met Rebecca in some house
In a dream I had
Murderers and worshippers
And random fandom stabbing at us
Till we made an escape

Where she wore some dresses
That to my eyes were gossamer
And the hard truth impresses
That I'd die at the loss of her
So I wrap it up in ribbons and tape

By 9 a.m., all of them
Metal things reflect
The nightmares and the bright sun-glares
That force me to protect
My love

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