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To Be Sleeping While Still Standing

Slowly watching these dreams all die
I cut my life away from you
I remember happiness
I see the evil in your eyes
I've seen the beauty in a modern world, destruction
I see shades of red blanketing the skies

I'm still dripping with blood
still shedding these tears
For what reason I do not know
I still taste the bitterness
one million reasons
One million reasons to die

Remember the times that we had
The depths are forgotten now
Forget your past
Look to the future
Drowning in my sleep

This is a fucking nightmare
I hope the regret burns into my hands
So I know what I've lost, I blame myself for our past

I still remember happiness
I'm still dripping with this blood
I'm still shedding these tears
I've seen the evil in your eyes
I still dream about you
I still die without you

Still dreaming, still dying
To be sleeping while still standing
Still sleeping, while still standing

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