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I Got Pimped

[Chorus: K-Rino]
I got pimped by a freak now I'm broke to my name
I got pimped by a freak 'cause I had no game
I got pimped by a freak who took all my loot
I got treated like a motherfucking prostitute

Yo, I was the special kind of fool
She went to class on a brother so I dropped out of pimp school
I was like a ready teller, giving cash
Jacked me off and made a twenty dollar bill shoot out my ass
Yo, her name was Cynthia Tucker
She had two kids, couldn't read but she was finer than a motherfucker
I get paid Friday, trick Saturday, we busted Sunday

I'm running around broke and starving like Al Bundy
Her wardrobe was uncanny
Hundred dollar shoes, hundred dollar bra, hundred dollar silk panties
It was never nothing left for me
300 dollars worth of shit on a five dollar heffer, G
(K-Rino, I want another purse)
"Ain't nothing but a thing, just let me get my ends together first"
Woo, I'm broke again
I gots to find a Nation woman when I get right
'Cause back then I got pimped

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