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Cloak & Dagger

There's a cloak & dagger in di backyard and she watch me oh oh
She watch me go out and coming in

The road is straight, I don't step aside, I follow di rules
and hold on to the line
I watch my step, I watch my moves, I get a hold on myself
and enter di floor
I feel di heat, no I'm not sure, so I go take a look
behind di door (there she was again)


There was a lass in Charles harbour, that I couldn't forget
I knew her number, Russian roulette

I watch my step, yes I watch my moves

Me say there was a girl in Charle harbour, I knew her name,
I knew her number, oh that's a dangerous game
so I take a look behind di door (cause I better be sure)


A so me say, A so me say, said this ya girl she wants my loving
night and day, she said give me that man, give me that one woman man
she said give me that lucky womans man
my love is what she wanting, a so me tell you say I'ts fire down below
and she won't leave because she knows that she will come when me bow
cho, lord my god I say she peep through my door as I would tell you
I rock her like no other man or anyone from any land did before
Love encore...


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