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Charlie Green

Cancel all of your plans, try to make amends. There's a scent in the air that makes me think of spring time.
It's when the animals mate and we're all feeling great. Maybe find a new boy in the sunshine.

She had the time of her life. She's got 60 years to go.
She had the time of her life. She's got 60's year to go
and she's going like thunder, Ooooh yeah.

Stop staring at her gaze it's your salad days. The look on your face must be straight from hell.
Put on your new suit and I know you'll look cute. Going out of your head, I'll take you out of your shell.


So you like charlie sheen, gotta start a new scene,
but it's harder than you think when you're living in this town.
So you wanna be king, get ahold of this thing,
but it's kinda like thorns when you're wearing that crown, I've found. translate

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