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Crazy Little Voices

Time is not a friend of mine*
It forces me to wait.
For symbols of reality
Inscriptions of my faith
I can't have a laughter now
But you may (?) choke.
That must be inside your day
Uncertain day I spoke.
Walk with me, my children
Walk into the sea.
I can give no reason
For you to follow me.
I come with thou conscience
And I don't have a name.
Those crazy little voices
Talk to me and say ...
Bring me the rage ... the rage. (2x)
Made you slip on why the rage
Is it too dark to see?

The mental bars of fearful thoughts
And darkened sanity.
Keep in mind that knotted heart
For feelings can be (?).
With all hope you demonstrate
As opposed to watch you sink.
Bring me the ...
Bring me the rage! The rage!

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