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Ever Since The Chocolate

I had a chocolate bar, the finest you could find
It swallowed up my mind and I was free to find you.
Keepers beckoned from their doors,
Syrup glass, marshmallow floors but I slipped through the alleys
wanting something more.
Young girl I have something that you'll want to hold.
They followed through the alleys, something more.

They clawed about my dress and now I'm naked
Tore holes in my soul about my neck.
The doctor says I have to wear a jacket
But as darkness falls I see this light, it's burning at the fog and

I've followed ever since.

Cocoa melted from my eyes, trickled to the floor
They said they wanted more and I was glad they'd found you
But cats were licking at the drains,
Their tongues would hurt my throat but
I was numb, so seasick.

They clawed...

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