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Song To A Fox

Balanced on the railway track
I felt your eyes upon my back
the London train moved swiftly
Past to cover silent ground

Darting through your shrouded woods
Ignite your fire and douse my good
Your smoky trail a path I'll suit
I find myself alone
I was dancing on the road
when lights cast shadows where I strode
though fast my legs could fairly go
I could not get away

She has eyes as sharp as knives
a face more soft than snow
I watch her from my oldest life
I wonder if she knows

Sense her like my best kept thought
there still with my thickest blood
like bees and toast to honey pots
we stick ourselves to sweet


I was dancing in the rain
seep through my clothes and my pale skin
lights twinkle round me as I spin
and we both dance away

Ah ah ah ah

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