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Romantic fever in the middle of the night,
You said, I know, you're counting my desire,
Or let you go, my prisoner of love...

Nothing to be afraid,
There is nothing to be said,
Everything will be right,
Let yourself tonight...

Come to my desire,
Are you ready for desire,
Are you ready for desire...

I'm coming near,
I feel your body shiver,
Turn out under, oh baby, I go wild,
Do you still fear?
Your dreams are my desire,
Someone up there is smiling on your love...

Be careful girl, I'll find you in my love,

Baby, can't you see the danger in my eyes... (oh whoa)
Get closer girl, it's there behind the door,
Maybe don't you know, I'm made here for your love,
So, I will never you go...
I'm looking for desire...

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