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my hands are on the wheel
the highway's slipping by
there's an old house in the field
and dark clouds in the sky
there's no one on this road but me
and my AM radio
searching for the CBC
just tell me where I'm going

my hands are on the wheel
my eyes are on the past
and that old house is standing there
'cause it was built to last
and I'm looking for a god
and I'm looking for a sign
and I am wishing I was not alone
along this passing line

Elaine says grace is god

and god is everywhere
a turning point in time
or a stillness in the air
but all my choices made
were carefully considered
each decision weighed
and dutifully delivered

Elaine says god is grace
and grace is everywhere
the moment we forgive
or the silent breath of prayer
and I'm searching for a sign
and I'm searching for a trace
on a highway outside Winnipeg
I'm going to find some grace

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