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Witness To It All

she offered me passion
when I said I had none of my own
she offered me hope and dreams
when I said I was stripped to the bone
she said it is dreams that will make you strong
and it's your hope that will keep you here
it's your passion that helps you hold on

and you will bear witness to it all
you will bear witness to it all
you will bear witness to it all

go on and turn your face
but do not avert your eyes
go on and hold your tongue if you must
but don't let it turn you to ice
'cause if you don't look it still goes on

and if you don't speak then who knows you're here
and who'll make that right from wrong?

she said look at the stars in the darkness
can't you feel why we're here
look at the sun on the water
could our truth be any more clear
she told me don't be afraid to be silent
don't be afraid to be big and loud
don't be afraid to walk softly
don't be afraid to be proud
she said dance with all of your being
cry your most passionate tears
hold your life like the treasure it is
and let it go without fear

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