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Defined In Shadows

Cast in irons locked in chains
Death masquerade burns you with flames
Your flesh is white as snow
Watching your blood lusciously flow

As you fallen into my abyss
Breeding lust, sin and greed
Simmer thought that is decree
Enter the elm and its seed

I walk aside shadows darker then coal
There the mere absence of light enfolds
I exist in a world of void less phantoms
Defined in shadows of black and white

My soul is tainted by evil
My mind is touched by unlight
I preach out blasphemy
I am the destroyer of light

Show us the way
Crush all of life
Death of ourselves
Glorious master of hell

Dripping pools of crimson red
Bow your head to be lead
Angel of hell embraces my soul
I now shimmer in the candlelight glow

Destruction of the holy stars
Natures own dying plague
Black wings carry me away
To the land of burning dreams

Open the gates together we fly
This life will be immortal all mine
Insert the dagger hear the scream
The final despair come blackest dream

Spread your wings never set us free
Eternal damnation fate sealed
World of darkness so infernal
Continued eternity death to humanity

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