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Glory And Death

I am clocked by the shadows in the night
They hide in the valleys were they have stole
As i walk in this darkness that guides me
I can sleep forever and still see
I am the key that unlocks every door
I am the glory of discovery
For i am which that is hidden
I reclaim that which is denied

Beyond the shimmering tears i am called
This is where your tragedy is told
Reaching in taking your heart
In the flames it burns in the dark

I am the darkness beneath the shadows
I am the air of each breath
I am the ending before life begins

I am the decay of each death

Come to me at the dark moon
See that which cannot be seen
Face the terror that is yours
Swim to me through the depths

He is called beyond the lair
Dragon of hell fly's above near
Satan laughs from the abyss
Death called above the mist

Damned for all time
Locked inside treachery
The way paved for me

Pentagram on the wall
Hear the candles call
The earth under my feet

Deadly will be
As angels sleep
Thick clouds of agony

Heart is a tomb
Death in the womb
Spreads the disease

The fires of hell burn bright
In the middle of blackened night
Waiting for an angel to fall
No hope for salvation at all
The fires ablaze in this maze
Consumed by guilt and shame
Only evil can thrive in this kingdom
For i am glory and death

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