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This is like no island you have seen
It is not Argentine nor Tangerine
Maybe you are navy or marine
It is not African nor Caribbean

Take the missionary position yes the missionary position
For a man who is on a mission other matters should come to mind
Take the missionary position makes me faint & I ain't gonna listen
But a good man to my own disposition is a man who is hard to find

Hey sailor come from the sea you talk to me
You're a tar You're a far cry from home
While you are at liberty to talk to me

People stare I'm aware is it fair?
On a dare I don't care
What they say Give us only today

Hey sailor come from the sea It's you and me
Call it fate Call it great destiny
Since we are at liberty and speaking free
I won't grieve if you find you must leave
me behind I won't mind
I have heard of push and shove
You bring me that word called love

Calypso if my heart could only speak
we'd take a week in Martinique and just go crazy neh?
Calypso he is speaking Greek to me
it is hide and seek you see
this can be our fantasy today
como dice

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